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Baron penguin

©Fritz Pölking

©Fritz Pölking

The headless "baron penguin" is endemic on the Salisbury Plain in South Georgia. It is probably the result of crossbreeds between king and emperor penguins about 250.000 years ago. It was given its name by scientist's because of its biological position between the two other big penguin species. As can be seen in the photo of the brown young birds, being about one year old, it is capable of reproduction. These are the first photos ever taken of the baron penguin.

Source :
Website of the German, famous photographer Fritz Pölking, who gave me permission to add this page of him to my site.
Pictures from Fritz Pölking, who gave me permission to use them.
Yes, you've got it.
The baronpenguin doesn't exist for real, but the pictures were so special, that the author, photographer Fritz Pölking, invented this story. It's not by pure accident that these are the pictures of the month April.
I must admit that he fooled me (what about you?) for a moment by the fact that:
- in the first place this picture of the month just stood in a list among the others of the year 2000, and
- secondly is part of a site, which for the rest is very professional and informative, made by one of the most famous nature photographers of Germany, Fritz Pölking.
Moreover, the same story is published in one of his books too. Especially this let me doubt if there wasn't something true in the story. This proves, once again, that everything what is published, not always has to be "the truth".

For the rest I can only recommend this Website (in English and German) to everyone who is interested in nature photography. You will find there very beautiful photos and a lot of tips how to make good amateur pictures.

And although it makes me look a bit like an idiot, I'm still glad that I had so much doubts about the story to contact Mr. Pölking. It is only because of that contact that this story could be added here.
For that matter, a good joke never hurts and everyone should be able to make a butt of oneself, now and then.

At last (but certainly not least), it only remains to me to say thanks to Mr. Pölking for the permission to use this in my homepage.
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