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Links to penguin and Antarctic pictures

Look out: All the pictures on following sites are copyright-protected, so just look at them but don't take them without permission!
  • Krohn Photos :
    beautiful pictures of Antarctica, with a lot of penguins. Also a lot of beautiful pictures of other places around the world.
    Beautiful to look at. (Eng)

  • Kevin Schafer :
    his book "Penguin Planet, their world, our world" is very worth buying.
    You find a lot of those pictures on his homepage.(Eng)

  • Jan Vermeer :
    some beautiful pictures of emperor penguins on Antarctica in his portfolio, comments are in Dutch (NL).
    He has published in 2007 a beautiful book about Antarctica.

  • Thijs Heslenfeld :
    the Dutch travel photographer Thijs Heslenfeld has a new book "Cold" with pictures of his sailing trip to Antarctica.

  • Extreme images : photographer Jonathan Chester with a lot of beautiful penguin pictures (Eng).

  • Falkland Islands 2005, Antarctica 2007 and New Zealand 2009 :
    pictures of the Falklands, Antarctica and NZ, including a lot of penguin pictures, made by Julie Robinson during her trips (Eng).

  • Arctic and Antarctic photography :
    pictures of the poles, including penguins (Eng).

  • World of warmth by Arno Vlooswijk :
    warmth or infrared images of people, nature and animals, including penguins. He gave me permission to use one of them on this homepage. (see thermal insulation).

  • Penguins and Vulcanoes :
    Interesting penguin homepage with a lot of pictures. But also very good volcano info and pictures.

  • National Geographic :
    beautiful video about researcher Liz Connell with photographs by Maria Stenzel, who lived in Antarctica for 5 months.
    It takes about 13 minutes to watch it and a bit of patience to load, but it's more than worth waiting for.

  • Arkive project :
    A unique collection of movies, gorgeous pictures and information about many animals, including 11 penguin species.

  • Cool Antarctica: pictures of Antarctica and penguins (Eng).

  • Fotosearch: Penguin stock photography :
    a lot of penguin pictures for sale (USA)

  • Penguin Stock Images at Can Stock Photo :
    pictures, with a lot of penguins too, for sale (Eng).

Links to nature pictures

Online course about photography

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