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Games with penguins

Crossword in penguin shape and about penguins

I made a crossword with the shape of the penguin on the picture (smaller) left.
Almost all words have something to do with penguins.
When I made you curious, try to solve it.

The pattern is complete own work and may not be copied without prior permission.

With thanks to Hot Potatoes for the code.

Jigzone puzzle with one of my own pictures

Try to make the puzzle complete.

Yeti sports

Penguin throwing game
Brilliantly simple rules make this game easy to play.
It has several new versions and they are still making new ones.

Official website: Yeti sports
Play online: Play on Crazy Games

Penguin Puzzle

Kind of Tetris game
Brilliantly simple rules make this game easy to pick up. Slide four or six blocks of the same colour together to release the creatures trapped inside. Form special shapes to gain bonus blocks with magical powers. Multiply your score by stringing together block explosions.

Free Trial-Download at Nuclide games

Penguin Panic

The penguins are panicking! They heard that the hole in ozone layer will soon melt their home. Freeze the panicking penguins before they hurt themselves. You have 1 minute to save them.

Play online - © Ferry Halim,

"Happy the coin collecting penguin" by Astral Entertainment

Collect as many coins as you can in this Mario type game.
In this game you control a small penguin named Happy as he travels through nine different levels. To complete a level simply collect all of the coins on it. Avoid bad guys and other obstacles by running, jumping and climbing ladders. This game also has three skill modes.

Download - 970Kb

Penguin Plunge

Try to get some penguins on a row.

Play online at Puzzle Depot

"Tux on the run" by

Use the cursor keys to move the penguin. The longer you move in a certain direction, the faster the penguin is running. The faster you're running, the higher you jump. Jump onto the enemies to get extra points.

Description of Tux on the run
Download at
- (135kB, zipped): Game Pack: All you need to put the game on your webpage
- (103kB, zipped): Modding Information: explains how to create new levels

"Spank the Frank" by

It's that time of the year, all the toys have been made, Santa's sleigh is loaded up, and the elves have a kitchen pass to go out and Spank the Frank! Oliver the Elf, foreman at the Kringle Toy Factory #7, is up to no good again.
You must safely spank one of his penguin pals into the floating baskets for points. Miss the basket and you'll be singing "another Frank bites the dust."

Download from
Play online at

"Yellow-eyed puzzle" by Dave Houston

Place the jigsaw pieces to reveal a yellow-eyed penguin.
(javascript must be enabled)

Play online on the site of Dave Houston

"Shoot the Penguins" by Mark Wesley

Not my favourite, guess why ;-)
Space Invaders type game.

Play online on the site of FunkShun Software

"Polar Rescue" by DPI Animation House

A jump and run game, but not an easy one

Play online at


click here for download Download "Flying Penguin Font"
click here for download Download Penguin Cursors

Here you can find a few links to sites where you can downloads several penguin stuff, like a font, games and many more... Some will overlap each other, so you will find it on more sites.

  • Dodos schatzkiste : Here you can download the penguin font, and also a few games and logos. (Eng)
  • E-cards : from here you can send e-greetings with penguin motives.
  • Download: here you can find a screensaver with icebergs, an animated cursor, and a few more things with penguins.(German)
  • Dave Houston: here you can find wallpapers and drawings.(Eng)
  • ChildFun's Activities : Stuff for children: poems, songs, activities, etc.... (Eng).


Here a few wallpapers with penguins.
All pictures are mine and can freely be downloaded for personal use.
How to download a picture: Click on the wallpaper in the wanted resolution, click in the new window with the right mouse button and choose "picture save as ..." or directly "use as background".

african penguin African swimming penguin

humboldt penguin chick Humboldt penguin chick:

Humboldt penguin Humboldt penguin:

King penguin King penguin:

King penguin King penguin:

Rockhopper Rockhopper taking a bath:
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