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Hello penguin lovers,

The fact that you also take a look on this page, can only mean two things. Either you liked the stuff or you too are a penguin-lover, and in both cases curious about the person behind it.

May I introduce myself :
My name : Hedwig Reunes-Vanhaevre (born 1959), married with a (luckily!!) very patient, not jealous man Willy, who gives me the space to follow my heart to the penguins and photography and even supports me with it.
My three children also sympathizes with me (sometimes with a little head-shaking) and help me to enlarge my colony. Actually the whole family is "nature and animal-minded"

I was born and bred in Wilrijk (near Antwerp in Belgium), but we lived for more than 15 years in Germany (my husband is military by the Belgium army, stationed in Lüdenscheid and later in Köln (Germany). In August 2003 we moved back to Kortenberg in Belgium, while the Belgian army is retreating from Germany.

How it all started : When I was pregnant from my youngest son, and my daughter just learned to walk, we both waddled through the house like real penguins. This was so comic that the interest was born and the more I learned about those loyal, so special and admirable little fellows the more that love grow.

While I still have to learn a lot about html-language, css, java etc. ... all suggestions, comments and ideas will be welcome.

Every information about penguins and items will be accepted thankfully. You can always reach me by contact.
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