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Drawings with penguins.

Coloring drawings or colouring pictures. The thumbnails are gif-format and the large pictures are jpg format, but you can download them as Corel Draw (.cdr), because so the quality is best for printing.
They are all ca 18 x 27cm(A4).

Ecstatic african penguin
188 Kb
Swimming african penguin
225 Kb
Humboldt penguin
158 Kb
King penguin with egg
126 Kb

Papercrafts with penguins.

YAMAHA designed two wonderful papercrafts of penguins. They made sculptures of african and yellow-eyed penguins.
The models are about 8 cm tall. As you can see on the pictures, it is quite possible to make them, if you're a bit handy. But follow their instructions carefully about paper and glue, because first I tried another glue and that didn't work good. I used paper of 160g/m² and wood glue.

They also made sculptures of other rare animals like tiger, polar bear, gorilla etc...

You can download the sculpture and assembly instructions as PDF files from YAMAHA Motors

I changed and enlarged this model a bit: about 17 cm tall.

Canon too has a similar papercraft: it is a model of an emperor penguin.

Baby seat in penguin shape.

A tip for someone who can work with a sewing-machine:
In the Dutch magazine Knippie Baby winter 2002/2003, you find a pattern to make a baby seat in penguin form.

With thanks to Hannie van Grinsven who mailed me the picture and tip.

Links to crafts with or about penguins.

A few links to sites where you can find handicrafts with penguins.

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