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Conservation organisations

Several organisations are engaged to protect our nature. I will especially mention those who work for the protection of the penguins.

Everybody knows of course the two largest organisations : WWF and Greenpeace

But there are several organisations who are engaged to one or more specific penguin-species.
Such organisations depend on donations and volunteers. You can financially adopt a penguin, donate a tree, donate money or go there and help as volunteer.
All help is welcome
Organisation Species
Yellow-eyed Penguin trust
Dunedin in New Zealand
Website : Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust
Yellow-eyed penguins
Blue Penguins in New Zealand
Phillip Island
Victoria, Australia
Website : Phillip Island
Fairy little blue penguins
Cape Town, South Africa
Website : SANCCOB
african penguins
Falklands Conservation
Website : Falklands Conservation
penguins on the Falkland Islands
International Penguin Conservation Work Group
Website : IPCWG
penguins conservation
New Zealand penguin
Website : Conservation in Nieuw Zeeland
A ranger working with and for penguins
Galapagos Conservation Trust

Website : Galapagos Conservation Trust
Galapagos Islands
UNITED STATES / REST OF WORLD Galapagos Conservancy (formerly Charles Darwin Foundation, Inc.)
Website: Galapagos conservancy
Galapagos Islands
German organisation, in cooperation with several German zoos (especially Landau) for conservation of humboldt penguins
Website : Sphenisco (Eng, GE, and ES)
humboldt penguins
Institut für Meereskunde
Düsternbrooker Weg 20
24105 Kiel
Website : Institut für Meereskunde (D and Eng)
penguin and Antarctic Research

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