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Human enemies

But the attitude of us, humans, has also a large impact on this world.
Unfortunately this influence was and still is often very negative and we can be considered as the biggest enemy of nature. As "ruler of the world" we claim every area and destroy what is in our way. We kill to provide ourselves with food, but also (maybe more?) for "profit".
We hopefully will recognise in time that we're digging our own grave by doing that. And although many people remind of the highest importance of nature conservancy, we still aspire too much after luxury and care too little for conservation.

We claim to be the smartest species, but are we?
(Note : This above is my very personal opinion, and no free translation from the book.)

Specific for penguins we, humans, (were and) are a threat by :
  1. oil spills
  2. eating them or using them for other products (guano, oil, eggs, etc.)
  3. over fishery
  4. introducing other animals
  5. influence of Antarctica stations
  6. greenhouse effect and ozone hole
  7. tourism
But we can have a positive attitude to nature too, and therefore I will add here a few rules how to behave ourselves in contact with penguins.

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