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Webcameras pointed at penguins.

There are several webcams with penguins. Here you find links to them.
You also can find some links to videos about penguins.

  • O'Higgins webcam on Antarctica :
    live: gentoo penguins in the wild, a breeding colony at the German station O'Higgins in the Antarctic! (in German) and a diary from the initiator, Martin Grund, of the webcam with comments on the pictures (German)

  • South Georgia : pointed at the coast of South Georgia in Antarctica, where it is only light at the Southern summer. (Eng)

  • Earthcam : penguins in several zoos. (Engels)

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium : pointed at african penguins.

  • Aquazoo Düsseldorf (Germany) : pointed at gentoo penguins. (German)

  • Antarctic videos : You find here some beautiful movies about penguins in Antarctica, made by friends.

  • My videos : I made a few videos myself. It's an amateur job, so don't be to critical.

!!! Have fun !!!

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